Kanto offers organisational assistance in for a number of events from conference fringes, to fundraising dinners and film screenings.

Crisis Management Communications

With 24/7 rapid response you will be able to hit the ground running as soon as the crisis is identified, anticipate further possible fallout and prevent against further escalation. At the same time we take a long term view of your reputation, advancing options to turn any crisis into an opportunity. Kanto is equipped to engage with the media, acting with precision and speed through a set of support services. Working with Kanto you can insure against such damage with our swift and informed response. Includes...

Development of a crisis response team. Review of existing client plans. Creating a written crisis management plan (10 hours + fixed) > this can be separate service conducted retroactively before a crisis has even arisen.

  • Specify crisis management team
  • A mechanism for a central communication
  • How privileged/non-privileged information will be segregated/shared
Develop a decision tree
  • Identify the most likely crises that may affect the company
  • Use those scenarios to develop decision trees that are discussed as case examples in the crisis management plan
  • Anticipating and preparing for possible escalation

    Actions taken by the team
  • Decision management
  • Sign-off or independent decision authority​​​​​
  • Pre-event preparatoryplan execution
​​Communicating in response to a crisis (16 hours+ per week)
  • Identify a spokesperson
  • Determine the time to respond
  • Identify your audience
  • Develop message grid
Media monitoring
  • Quarterly briefing
Additionals Media Training Contact: 02077769000

Event Management

Starting from £1,500 +VAT


  • Invitations (design and sending)
  • Briefing notes on speakers and attendees
  • Event Check In staff and Security if needed
  • Post event follow up (thank you letter to attendees)
  • Catering Liaison
  • Speech Pedestal
  • Sound equipment £100
  • Photographer £300
  • Video Recording £400
Contact: 02077769000