Strategic Analysis

Analyse live data & team performance indicators by generating canvass reports.

Secure Platform

Comprehensive safety features ensure your data is safe & accessed only by those with permission.

A platform to empower, engage & inform.

Efficient & Effective Engagement

Kanto App

Our very own software service designed to create a more efficient means of collecting, organising and analysing stakeholder data. Kanto can be used for political canvassing, charity fundraising and any other face-to-face data collection purpose. 

What is Kanto App?

Studies show face-to-face conversations are the most effective form of stakeholder engagement. Kanto seeks to digitally empower this valuable process by employing readily available technology. Our intuitive app allows users to survey their stakeholders, action opportunities and build powerful relationships from their iPhone or iPad device.

Get Started?

Let's begin discussing how Kanto can digitally empower your stakeholder engagement.

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